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Audio is a problem. No, it really is. And I love it.


Aside from working in a sterile studio environment, my problem solving skills and Macgyver DIY hacks have been well used over the last 15 years. From bad microphone placement...wind and room noise...phasing, clipping and faulty name it...I've had the chance to spin errors and mistakes into something great.


 As an award winning audio focused creative, I've had the privilege of working with some of the coolest bands and biggest radio stations. I've also recorded, coached and produced some of the most annoying car commercials you've had stuck in your head. Radio imaging (everything but the music, talking and commercials), is one of the rarest and most honest forms of writing and production. Everything needs to feel like Six Flags. Every. Time.

Voicing wasn't the original plan, but darn it if it isn't just so much fun. Plus you get called 'the talent'. When my mom called me 'her blueberry' after the cartoon cranberry I voiced, that's when I knew I had made it (obviously).

Getting to coach and work with voice actors all across the spectrum of experience is like a mixture of shop talk, therapy and ranting. The results of a great demo can be career and life changing for 'the talent', and I keep that in mind whenever i'm crafting their project. This could be the rocket that helps get them to the stars. That trust I don't take for granted.

If you are looking for a voice, fresh radio imaging, audio production or a consultation, reach out and let's make something great together.


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